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Top Tips for Keeping Your Bathroom and Kitchen Drains Clean and Unblocked

11th Oct 2017

If you have been a home-maker for several years now, then you are all too familiar with the difficulties that come with clogged kitchen and bathroom sinks. Blocked and dirty drains are a hassle to deal with, and a blocked drain can easily lead to major disruptions in any household, which is why ideally you need to call in a professional plumber near Enon or wherever your location is. If you are keen on keeping your home clean and spotless and avoiding problems with clogged or blocked drains and dirty sinks, here are some top tips which can help you along.

Do it the natural way

Bathroom and kitchen sinks and even shower and bath drains can become slow after a period of time, and this is a normal occurrence. But this doesn’t mean you can’t deal with it in an effective manner. Prevent blockages and slow drains the natural way by pouring table salt (a tablespoon will do) into the drain in your bathroom, and follow this with of a cup of white vinegar. Let this solution sit for about one hour, and then turn on the taps and let hot water run through the drain.

To maintain your kitchen sink, the best method is to pour a bit of bleach into the drain from time to time. For best results, let the bleach sit for about 8 hours or overnight, or let it sit for at least one hour prior to turning the tap on again. If this doesn’t work, you may have a larger problem and should consult a company like Sharp Plumbing & Heating Plumber in Milford, or one closer to your location to take a look at it for you.

Say goodbye to grease buildup

After you’ve been using your kitchen sink for some time, grease can build up, especially if you regularly pour oil or grease down the sink. You can eliminate this buildup with a simple remedy: boil a pot of water and put a good amount of dishwashing liquid down your kitchen drain. Then pour the boiled water into your kitchen drain, but do it slowly. Do this as many times as necessary. To avoid grease buildup in the future, don’t pour grease down the drain – instead, place oil or liquid grease in a container and wait for it to solidify before dumping it into the rubbish bin. Or if you’re too busy to clean the drain, you could get the help of plumbing services such as Stith Plumbing and HVAC (learn more about their services on and other similar ones. They could help you clear the clogged drain without getting your hands dirty!

Hot water for your bathroom and kitchen drains

Another way to keep your bathroom and kitchen drains free from the build-up of residue is to regularly pour scalding hot water into the drains. Do this at least once a week so the drains remain free from grease or buildup. Bathroom drains can especially benefit from really hot water, because we don’t normally use such scalding water to wash our faces or hands.

By doing your own bit to keep your kitchen and bathroom sinks and drains clean and dirt-free, you can benefit from a better plumbing system in your home overall. But if you do eventually need emergency plumbing or emergency boiler repair, make sure you choose a qualified and experienced plumbing and boiler specialist.

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