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9th Oct 2017

Do you think that the best method of eavesdropping is holding a glass against the wall and listening what’s going on in the adjacent room or maybe hiding behind a tree or around the corner, pretending you are not there and pricking up your ears? Well, these are really old school methods and not actually effective. If you are serious about eavesdropping, you should turn to clever spy listening devices that are not the domain of secret agents or detectives anymore and are available and affordable to everyone – from amateurs to professionals.


Listening in on someone is in some cases one of the best ways of gathering genuine information and overheard conversation can reveal any number of vital facts. With an appropriate type of a spy listening device, you can gather the needed sensitive confidential information or prove someone’s dishonesty or wrongdoings.

Need to know whether your partner is loyal? What your children do when they are left home alone? Whether your employees are worth your trust? Is your nanny taking good care of your child?

All these doubts can be easily and quickly dispelled with an appropriate spy listening device!


The technology used for this type of spy equipment is surprisingly straightforward, consisting of a combination of a miniature radio transmitter and a sensitive microphone. Its primary function is to discreetly record sounds, particularly conversations, within its proximity. Initially employed by security agencies, and private investigators (like the ones at Bond Rees investigations agency), this technology has become more accessible to the general public. Today, it finds various applications and can be useful for everyday tasks, allowing individuals to complete their responsibilities more efficiently and with added convenience.


The range of various sound recording devices is wide and you can choose between different features and options according to the task that you need to carry out. They can be installed in workplaces, office rooms, homes, cars and also hidden in almost every object. Let’s see which type of a listening bug suits your needs the best:

  • Workplaces and office rooms – choose devices with a built-in GSM module as they allow for monitoring the premises when you are not there and alarm you in case of an intruder. Try also camouflaged spy listening devices that can be hidden in many ordinary looking objects like a computer mouse, pen, power strip, CD case and many more.

Have surveillance over your employees to check their loyalty and honesty and get an irrefutable proof of their misconduct. Note: as per the law individuals need to be aware of being listened to and they need to give their consent for being recorded.

  • Homes – go for GSM listening devices to remotely listen in to their surroundings. Spy on your partner or supervise your children with the help of bugs well hidden in a surge protector or even an air freshener.

Have a ‘remote ear’ on your pet-sitter to check wellbeing of your dog or cat, as bugs can also be hidden in a collar, leash or harness of your beloved pet.

  • Cars – check wireless spying devices that detect sounds in their vicinity and then send info via a text message straight to your cell phone and allow you to actually listen to a conversation between thieves. Additionally, a secret voice recorder can be hidden in a remote car key.

As you can see, the choice of various spy listening devices is broad and will satisfy even the most demanding user. They are relatively cheap, easy to use, miniature, cleverly concealed in everyday objects and with sensitive microphones – nothing will stay hidden from them! Read more about it here.

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