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Transitioning Your Child To A Grown Up Bed

29th Mar 2015

The majority of children move from a cot to a bed roughly at 3 years old, which can lead to brand new bedtime problems in itself; let alone redecorating the entire room. However, it is best to look at this in a positive view, as it is the start of your child gaining independence and growing up right before your eyes. Here are a few tips to aid with the transition of having your child move to the grown up bed:

Pick The Right Bed

This probably goes without saying, but you would be surprised by just how many parents get it wrong when choosing a bed for their child. This is important because your child should find this transition as painless as possible. To help with this, it is best to pick a bed that is not only suitable for them, but for the room as well by picking something fun and eye-catching, whilst still being beneficial for longevity.

The author, with closed eyes, and cheering baby in cot

Encourage Them

When looking at this transition through your child’s eyes, it is understandable why they would find moving beds to be daunting. That being the case, try to encourage your child to sleeping in a grown up bed by letting them know how proud you are of them and how exciting this will be. It might be also good to include them in the plans of changing to a new bed, making it appear fun so that they will feel happier about it.

Devise A New Bedtime Routine

This is something that many parents overlook when trying to make this changeover as peaceful as possible, but it does make sense. Children may find see this as a stressful time, so it is advisable to create a new routine for them so that they get used to the new bed arrangement. To help, spur your child to climb in to bed as they will usually feel far more settled if they rearrange the bedding themselves. Another way to help with this would be to provide a quieter time for them just before bed time; this could include reading a story, or putting toys away.


The main thing to take in to consideration during this time is to be understanding of your child’s feelings and reassure them that this is a positive moment. It might be stressful having to redecorate and buy a new bed, but for them is can be equally distressing. So, take your time and allow them to be included in the start of them growing up!

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