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Using Larimar to Help Promote a Healthy Pregnancy

28th Oct 2015


Pregnancy is a wonderful event full of the mystery of life, and a time when many women take extra care of themselves both to help ensure a healthy baby and to help ease some of the discomfort that often accompanies this miracle. In addition to the lotions, meditations, supplements, and yoga you may be trying to help promote a healthy pregnancy, be sure to keep some Larimar near as well.

A Spiritual and Holistic Stone

Sometimes called the Stone of Atlantis, Larimar has been gaining a reputation as a highly spiritual and healing stone since its discovery on the island of Hispaniola in the Caribbean. This cool, blue stone is thought to capture the spirits of both Water and Fire with its rich color and volcanic origin. The balance of these two elements allows Larimar to help bring balance to the user, relieving stress and promoting healing (you could find more information here as well).

How Larimar Can Assist in Pregnancy

Larimar is one of the most healing stones being mined today. Associated with the throat and heart chakras, Larimar can help unlock your body’s natural healing energies simply by being held, worn on the body, or even kept nearby.

When worn or held during pregnancy, Larimar has multiple benefits for the expecting mother, including:

  • Lowering blood pressure
  • Relief from stress
  • Relief from anxiety or fear – including fear of labor, doctors, and hospitals, as well as a release of any negative associations you may have from a previous pregnancy or labor experience
  • Regulating the thyroid

In fact, the effects of using Larimar during pregnancy also continue through labor and into the first few months of your baby’s life. Keeping Larimar nearby may result in an easier, faster labor, as well as a lowered risk for post-partum depression, and an easier time bonding with your newborn.

Using Larimar during Pregnancy

The best way to capture the benefits of Larimar during and after pregnancy is to keep the stone close to your body, and close to your heart or throat chakras in particular. This can be done in a few different ways:

  • Wear a Larimar pendant or necklace that settles somewhere between the throat and heart chakras and allow its soothing presence to work constantly
  • Wear a Larimar ring or bracelet that you can gaze at during times of stress
  • Sleep with a piece of Larimar beneath your pillow at night to help promote a restful slumber and relieve the stress related to pregnancy at night
  • Get a massage done with Larimar placed on strategic points of the body at least once a month following the first trimester to help promote a healthy pregnancy and relieve related stress
  • Keep a piece of Larimar nearby during labor either to wear or to squeeze in your hand to help ease stress and fear

You may also want to try meditating while holding a piece of Larimar and lighting blue candles to align with its vibrations.

Have a Stress Free Pregnancy

Larimar is one of the most beneficial stones for an expecting mother to keep near during and after pregnancy. Help relieve stress and promote your – and your baby’s – health throughout your pregnancy with Larimar. Check out the beautiful collection of Larimar jewelry at

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