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Walk Your Way to Fitness and a Healthy Lifestyle

3rd Sep 2020

Walk is the simplest yet a highly impactful exercise. A few minutes of daily walk can change your life forever. It can help you maintain a healthy body and healthy lifestyle.

What you can achieve from a daily walk, you might not be able to do so even from best fitness training equipment.

Here is how a walk can help you in becoming fully fit and staying that way throughout your life.

1.   It is a good start to your day

Don’t impose a compulsion for morning walks only. You can walk whenever and wherever find a time and space for it. It benefits your health.

With that said, morning walks have a greater positive impact on your health, particularly your mental health.

Morning walks are a good start to your day. A few minutes of walk, then a shower and quality breakfast before you move into your daily routine, get you immerse well into your daily life.

When you start your day with fresh energy and mood, you are likely to carry on that positivity for rest of your business of the day.

It brings a lot of positive energy to your work. Chances of getting positive results of your activities then are greater.

2.   Walk is best for your mental health

Many us face some sort of mental health challenges. Some are in more serious situations, such as bipolar disorders, but we often do not talk about them.

Nonetheless, we take all possible steps to find solutions to these challenges. This includes exercises. Other exercises can be beneficial too, but it is a proven fact that a daily walk helps a lot to improve quality of our lives with these problems.

Walk helps us sustain a health lifestyle as much as possible. A walk, brisk or slow depending on how much energy and motivation we find, positively impacts mood, energy and body tone.

While we walk, we develop a habit of listening to our speculative thoughts, which start unrolling in our heads, often unconsciously. It works as a sort of psychotherapy.

By the time we finish our walks, our heads appear clearer of those thoughts, and we find a fresh wave of energy and positivity in our moods.

Above and many other benefits are the reasons why people with mental health challenges are recommended to do daily walks regularly.

3.   It greatly impacts cardio health

Walk is particularly a suitable exercise for your heart in many ways.

It helps improve your heart beat rate. You sustain a normal blood pressure, allowing you to control both, high and low blood pressures.

It strengthens your heart muscles, especially muscles that pump blood into your veins.

It helps lower bad cholesterol and promote positive one, including your blood cholesterol. It then helps improve your blood pressure and reduces stress on cardiovascular muscles.

All above positives help protect you from heart attacks, heart failures and arteries blockages, and all other complications that can destroy your cardio health.

Under stress, your heart and minds are affected, and a regular daily walk, brisk or slow, can help you cut down the level of stress and thus improve health of your heart and mind.

Your heart is also greatly affected when you have other health conditions such as diabetes. While you walk, you are able to control and balance body chemicals and sustain a healthy heart.

Counted here or not, walk is a highly beneficial exercise for your cardio health, and it is very reason, most people focus cardio exercises more than others at gyms or home before hitting any other fitness training equipment.

4.   Walk helps in cutting down daily stress

Some mental health challenges might be chronic, but many of them do not fall on us all of sudden. They start with smaller or larger amount of stress we take on a daily basis that piles up on our heads and other parts of our bodies.

A daily walk, especially morning walk, helps us improve quality of our health, not just physical but emotional too.

Even in the evenings if we walk on a daily basis, either outside in a park, which is better, or at a treadmill at gym or home, it can definitely help us leave behind our daily lives’ pressures.

Our jobs, our relationships with others, quality of air we breathe in, quality of commuting and quality of overall environment we live in, in cities, takes a toll on our health on a daily basis, and an exercise such as walk keeps us prepared and up to facing these challenges successfully.

In above situation, a daily walk becomes a matter of need, not a choice for us, as otherwise, our bodies for sure would go weaker and sick, and eventually would give in to these pressures.

While we can’t do much about improving quality of environment in urban centres we live in, and we can’t move to live in countryside because of fewer economic opportunities, we can certainly help ourselves with walk and other exercises to stay fit and healthy.

5.   It helps you maintain a balance weight

Walk, running, cycling and swimming are a few exercises that are recommended as best to help maintain a right or balanced weight.

Not just that, you can significantly cut your weight back to a normal size through a regular walk in no matter of time. More you walk more it helps. You would only need to cut your food intake to a minimum possible level to get higher and quicker impact.

Walk is highly recommended exercise for obese people, even for those who have lost hopes and motivation of getting back to a normal size.

As a matter of fact, walk is the only exercise, which obese people can safely start with. It can help them embark upon a steady journey to fitness and health.

Walk is also a highly result-oriented exercise when obesity is coupled with other health issues such as diabetes.

Important tips:

  • Walk whenever you get time. Morning – the better – or evening, afternoon or at night on a treadmill at home. Do not walk out in the park alone late night, especially when safety is a concern.
  • Walk wherever you go. Walk to market, to your office, back from office to your home, planned or unplanned, alone or in group.
  • Walk in a simulated environment on a treadmill at gym or your home. At home you would have treadmill at your disposal all the time so you can walk whenever find time. You can walk in smaller and more intervals.
  • Make walk a regular part of your daily fitness routine, even when you are into some fitness training equipment and program.
  • Take care of hydration and nutrition need of your body, particularly when you are into an intense exercise regime.
  • Get yourself examined by your doctor if you feel sudden falls in energy or you stay low in energy regularly.
  • About Author:
  • Anita is a sports educationist, emotional therapist and consultant. She regularly blogs on the subjects of sports, exercise, motivation and emotional therapy. She currently is associated with Xn8 Sports who specialize in designing, manufacturing and selling Boxing, MMA & Fitness gear and accessories.

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