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What a Time to be a Lady

24th Feb 2015

Women have always been under a abnormally large magnifying glass. They have to sit proper, smell proper, speak proper, inhale proper and exhale proper. They are always watched and called out for every single, simple mistake that makes them seem “unladylike” or “unfeminine”.

However, a woman gets criticized the most in terms of appearance. Combining the facts that we, as humans, rely most heavily on our sight for information and that women, in particular, are under a lot more pressure to look good, we can finally understand why girls take so long getting ready. We call it vanity these days- and sometimes it is. However, there is an underlying social effect on the female psych. Not only do they have to look great, but they have to look elegant and reserved.


So, the Cheltenham Ladies Day probably comes as a huge relief for women in that part of the world. The ladies still have to look good, but there are no holds barred as to how brazen their outfits can be. The evidence for this claim comes in two variations:

1. Hats

Hats seem to cause the biggest splash during the Cheltenham Ladies Day. They garner the most attention and turn the most heads, for good reason. The hats ladies wear during this event are either huge, heavy or brightly colored, or a combination of all of them. It’s like showing scalp is illegal and the cops were on patrol. Mos hats have a lot of accessories in them, such as feathers, paper figures or even jewels.

2. Loud suits and dresses

While hats still take the cake, the various outfits you will find during the Cheltenham races are not very far behind. From fish nets to full body prints and from long gowns to specially tailored jockey suits, there is probably not one somewhat outrageous outfit that you can think of that is not present during the occasion.


While the above holds true and may seem like these women are letting too much go, these outfits are still worn in the effect to look good and to appear classy. They may be loud and they may come on too strong at first, however, the ladies deserve a break from the year round grind of choosing perfectly color coordinated outfits and painting their nails to bring out the color of their eyes.

The Cheltenham Ladies day is not an excuse- rather, it is an opportunity for women to go all out, bold and brazen, unfazed with guns going in a blaze of glory and color. It is a day of celebration and excitement, which is best spent with a couple of other female friends to walk down the streets with feathers billowing in the air and heads held high.

At the end of the day, it is all in good fun for everyone, and especially for the ladies. So, do not miss the fiasco during Cheltenham Ladies Day, claim your bonus now!

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