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What Is That Thing On My Child’s Skin?

21st Dec 2015


While if you have more than one child you probably don’t get panicked at every single little thing you see on their precious skin. However, if you’ve just had your first baby each and every speck is a potential hazard, and that’s OK. It’s good that you are concerned about your baby’s health, and with the risk of things like skin cancer you want to make sure that you are taking good care of baby’s skin.

There is nothing wrong with taking some time to look over your baby’s skin each day. You need to check them for diaper rash anyway, so why not look for any other possible issues while you are at it. You may catch an allergy or something else serious ahead of time and get it dealt with quickly.

Is That A Rash?

It’s likely that you already have a good idea of what diaper rash looks like, but you may not realize that a rash on your baby, around the mouth area, is thrush (which is caused by a yeast infection). You may not know that baby can spread thrush to your breasts when breastfeeding either, and it can be painful.

Rashes on your baby could be the sign of a food allergy and any number of other allergies. Maybe the formula you are giving your baby contains wheat and they are allergic. These are things that your doctor can determine.

Is It A Mole?

What you think is a mole on your baby could simply be a birthmark or even a freckle. It is, however, just as important that you put sunscreen on your baby, just like on yourself or a toddler. You want to protect their skin because they too are susceptible to skin cancer. If you are concerned about any moles, assure you seek out professional diagnosis and advice on methods of skin cancer treatment.

It helps to know what to look for when it comes to moles of any kind. This can help you make sure that what you found on your baby isn’t anything to worry about. Now, if it is indeed a mole, then you have the option of going for a mole removal, given that it feels like a necessity. However, do keep in mind that their mole can also be removed when they are a bit more grown up.

Is It A Skin Tag?

Skin tags aren’t just something that adults get, babies, and toddlers can get them too. They are caused by friction. The rubbing makes the skin grow abnormally, looking like a tag of skin sticking out. While some people get them around their eyes, they are often found in armpits and other area that get a lot of friction.

If your baby has a skin tag and it isn’t bothering them then you can just leave it alone. Skin tags are not harmful, although they can sometimes be annoying.

Your baby is precious, and so is their skin. The skin is the body’s biggest organ and it helps keep everything together and safe. That’s why you need to keep your skin and your baby’s skin safe as well.

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