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You Can Still Be Fashionable And A Mommy!

21st Dec 2015


Motherhood doesn’t mean you will always look dishevelled, be covered with baby food, and have to only wear yoga pants everywhere. You can be fashionable and be a mommy, even with newborns. Sure, it may be harder to keep your clothes clean, but that is just proof you’re a great mom!

Fashion doesn’t always mean glittery dresses and pantsuits. In fact, if you take some time to look at celebs or the runway shows you’ll still see jeans and t-shirts. Really, your best confidence will come through when you are wearing clothes that you feel comfortable in. Fashion is about how you wear it, not just about what you wear!

Pick Clothes That Are Easy To Clean

Pass on things like silk, but look for materials that mimic it if you like that light and flowy feeling. One oops from baby after dinner and your silk shirt would be ruined. However, polyester or another synthetic fiber would wash out easily.

If you don’t like synthetic fibers you can shop for cotton. You may also want to do a little research on finding out the best ways to clean out certain stains. Things like hairspray and peroxide can remove some amazing things.

Don’t Be Afraid To Buy New Clothes

As a new mom you’re probably spending a lot of money on baby clothes as your little one continues to grow, but you shouldn’t be afraid to do some shopping for yourself as well. Just because there is a chance to get stains on your new clothes shouldn’t keep you from indulging once in awhile.

The cheaper the cost of the clothes you buy the less you’ll have them in your closet. They can wear out much faster. You don’t have to spend $50 on a new shirt, but if you are buying better quality clothes you will be able to make them last longer (and you may find yourself being more careful around the kids to avoid stains in the first place).

Look for fun fashions that fit well and make you feel good about yourself. Don’t be afraid to try a new look. Take your kid’s fun events as a chance to add to your wardrobe too, like a new blouse for the recital or a new sun dress for the picnic they’ve been invited to.

Buy clothes that take less work, like stuff that doesn’t wrinkle easy and pants or leggings that are comfortable for walking with the stroller. You might even want to look for clothes that can easily be tossed in a drawer (or folded, if you have time), rather than items that need to take extra time out of your life to be hung up or ironed. This will make your work easier and give you more time with your child.

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