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Why slots can appeal to mums too!

8th Feb 2016

Slots – the ever popular casino choice

by  garryknight 

With the existence of so many online casinos, playing casino games has now become something that’s accessible for everyone, no matter where they are. This is because you can play online at any time of the day or night, for as little as a few minutes at a time. Millions of people who would never have gone to the trouble of visiting a land-based casino now play a mix of casino games as a way to relax and have a bit of a gamble online.

But, just as in the land-based casinos, there’s one type of game that is always the most popular and the first port of call for many novice casino players at the online casinos like Pink Casino, Grosvenor Casinos and bgo. This is the slots category and that’s the reason why there is such as huge number of differently themed slot games available to play at all of the online sites.

Slots were first invented back in the late 1800s and the first commercially successful version was called the Liberty Bell. The slot game format has changed over the years, but slots have always retained their popularity. Here’s why.

What draws us to play slots?

Pick a theme, any theme

No matter what kind of interest you have, you’ll find that there’s a slot game to suit you. Many of them are based on films or TV shows, or the characters within them. If you like superheroes, then bgo has some of the best superhero slots available, each of which has its own special features and bonuses to play for. Games also often tie-in neatly with movies – for example, there are slots based on Iron Man, Thor and the Avenger.

However, if the reason you like playing slots is because it reminds you of days when you played at the local arcade, there are plenty of online versions of the traditional fruit machines, with just three or five reels of symbols. Many other slots feature traditional characters from fairy stories, or Greek myths and legends, so there’s bound to be a few that appeal to every taste.

The element of chance


Everyone enjoys the thrill of playing a game that’s based on chance

Slots make an ideal choice when you want to play something that could lead to a cash prize, but not have any influence on the result. A little like when you play the lottery, when you play slots, you’ll either win or you won’t. Without the pressure to make the ‘right’ decision, players can sit back and enjoy the games they choose to play, and if they do win, it’s just a bonus to the overall entertainment experience.

Play for free

When you first join a casino site, there’s always some free gaming credit to be had. If you register, you get a no-deposit bonus of a small amount so you can try out a few games with real bets. If you make a deposit, you’ll get a first deposit bonus as well – usually around 200%. So, if you put £10 into an account, you’ll start with £30 to play with.

Of course, your bonus money won’t last forever, but you may have some wins from it, with which you can grow your gaming fund. And if you end up losing all the bonus, you can always choose to play in demo mode rather than add new money in straightaway. Playing for fun, you have all the excitement of the games with none of the risks. The only downside is the disappointment you’ll feel if you have a big win when you’re only placing virtual bets!

While slots aren’t the only casino games you’ll play if you register with a casino site, they’re certainly the most easily accessible. Whether you play them exclusively or mix them in with other types of gaming, they’re always there when you want a bit of instant fun and the potential to win an amazing cash prize.

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