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From Grade School to Graduation: Helping Your Child Earn Good Grades and Learn More

8th Feb 2016

We all want our children to do well at school and get the grades that give them the opportunities available.

Sometimes they need a bit of a helping hand and guidance to get them on track and as a parent, there are a number of ways to help your children make the grade.


Right mindset

A good starting point is to get your child to adopt the right mindset, which can be difficult if certain subjects really don’t interest them and they struggle to find the enthusiasm to study for them.

A good ploy to adopt is to reinforce the notion that we all have a job to do and while you may go out to work to earn the money needed to keep the house going, their job is to learn.

Explain that we all find some subjects more interesting than others but just like a job, they will have to apply themselves equally to all study subjects if they are going to be able to get all the grades they need.

A suitable homework environment

The key to good study results is having a setup in the home that provides the right environment and the tools to allow them to work effectively and without distraction.

If you have the space, try to provide them with their own desk and chair that they can use whenever they need to study and make sure that the lighting is adequate too.

If you can set them up with their own printer and all of the supplies needed, this will help them to enjoy a homework environment that is conducive to good learning.

Also, don’t forget to stock up on things like spare printer cartridges, which you can order here, as it is never good to have interruptions to your study flow because you can’t print out your homework or study notes.

Study time

There are so many distractions these days with social media constantly streaming on their smartphones, but it is essential that you lay down some rules about prioritizing study time.

It is often a case of getting a good balance, as all children need some down time, which is actually beneficial for their intellectual and social skills. The aim should be to set a study time each day and encourage a work ethic which becomes a habit.

The length of study time will need to be adjusted according to your child’s age but by creating a set study time and ground rules about avoiding distractions until this time is up, this will soon become a great habit that makes homework feel like less of a chore.

Other ways to help your children get the best grades include buying some study guides to help them revise thoroughly and efficiently. You can also consider the idea of hiring remote teachers who can help them through Remote Test Prep with the subjects that they are not so engaged with and therefore may struggle with.

Your child’s education is a journey that will hopefully allow them to get the grades that give them the right options, and as a parent, you will obviously want to do what you can to try and help them achieve their goals.

John Sollars runs a successful printing ink business. Whenever he has the chance, he likes to share what has worked for him with others. You can read his articles mostly on business, marketing and technology websites.

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