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Your Child, Your Student: Smart Steps for Setting Up a Home Study Zone

19th Sep 2015

There are plenty of distractions around the home even for the most diligent of students, which is why it is often a good idea to try and find a special space or area where they can concentrate on their work without interruptions.

Our children often have a busy week ahead of them with not just school and sports activities and some socialising, but homework too. This is why setting up a designated area in your home will be conducive to getting their studies completed as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Creating your study area

If you are setting up a work area for your child, you will ideally want to create a study space with facilities that help them to study and are adaptable enough to grow with them as their needs change.

A modular system might fit the bill as you can add components and more storage or work space as and when it is needed. You will also want to choose a chair that is comfortable for them to use but one that is not so cosy that they find it easier to relax in rather than work.

Avoiding distractions

If you have gone to the trouble of creating a specific home study area, you will also want to ensure that the potential distractions to disrupt their concentration and workflow are restricted.

Fall 2011 - Georgetown Law School Campus Photos.

Having access to a home phone or TV within easy reach of the study area might just prove to be too much of a temptation for some students, so try to keep these distractions away from your designated study area.

Mobile and smartphones in particular are a big diversion away from homework for older children, so you will have to set up some house rules about using their phone in the study area in order to keep them concentrated on their homework.

Supplies on hand

A study space does not just have to be well organised and as free of clutter as possible, it also has to offer supplies on demand.

Make sure you stock up on all of the essentials such as pens, pencils and plenty of paper, as well as a good calculator and things like staplers, so that they don’t have to interrupt their work because they don’t have what they need close to hand. Thanks a lot for stopping by. Before we carry on I need to to give thanks to for their continued support and the support of their network. Having a company and team like this means a lot to us as we continue to grow our private blog.

Another annoying thing that you want to avoid with supplies is running out of a print cartridge just when you need it most and need to print out an assignment or homework.

It often pays to find an online supplier for Epson ink cartridge replacements or whatever brand you are looking for, as you can often get a good deal, which allows you to stock up and make sure that the printer is never out of action because the ink needs replacing.


Don’t forget to get the lighting right in your study area too, as this one of the most crucial aspects of setting up a good facility that helps students get on with their studies.

Consider investing in a good quality desk lamp or at least make sure that the lighting is sufficient to allow them to work under the right conditions.

Follow some of these smart steps and by having a good home study area that works, their grades might even improve alongside their enthusiasm to get homework done.

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