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Bedroom Storage: The Cheat Sheet

14th Oct 2015

Having an organized home is achievable. Even if you throw in a life partner and a rambunctious child with a knack for messing up every space he gets into, maintaining a clean and orderly home can still be done. Whether you want to have a complete clear-out and throw away half of your belongings in order to make room or even rent 10×30 storage units to put all of your loved, but pretty useless, belongings in – it’s doable. All that you need is the right mindset, sufficient time management, and great ideas. Thankfully, you don’t need a team of expensive and impractical clothes storage experts to get the job done. There a ton of websites dedicated to giving out tips and tricks to making sure that everything in your home is right where it should be.

Use (Or Create) The Empty Space Under Your Bed

While the list is as complete and as diverse as it can be – the bedroom and the kitchen seem to be the most popular areas of interest – the only downside you might possibly run into is how much ideas you can cram into one living space. Ranging from vague ‘buy-this-and-that’ advice to full-blown tutorials on how to make these storage ideas a reality, there is so much content out there that you might just be overwhelmed by the sheer volume. To help you out, here’s my top three picks of the most applicable and easy to enforce bedroom storage ideas.

Having a comfortable bed is almost a necessity for any family. Given the fact that it’s one of the things we spend a lot of our time on, both awake and asleep, usually leads to getting the biggest, baddest, cosiest mattress we can afford! Sadly, this takes up a lot of floor space in the bedroom. Remedy this by creating storage space under your big, bad, comfy bed! You can simply utilize rolling storage units like what’s shown below, or you can go the full Monty by creating a DIY storage bedframe with multiple pullout drawers for maximum effect. If your bed’s too low, consider raising the frame instead of wasting the potential for additional storage.

1Why stop there? Rolling nighstands are also a great option.

Pack Your Closet In The Best Possible Way

Little do we know that our closet might be the most misused storage unit in our bedroom. It can be used to store so much more than your clothes. Even the humble dresser can be a multi-purpose container for everything from accessories to random knickknacks that you don’t know where else to put. But since you’ve been storing your closet in the same old-fashioned way your grandma and grandpa have been doing since the Ice Age, your closet looks like it could barely take the workload of your wardrobe let alone anything else. Solve this issue with the addition of a few tasteful closet organizers and by expanding your closet by installing a couple of DIY shelf units.

But what if you have used up every square inch of your closet and bedroom storage space? Then perhaps it is time to move some of the less frequently used items out of there. One solution would be the basement, attic, or garage. You could even donate a few items. Or you could take the help of a third-party, full-service storage company like this storage san francisco team here. By having them store your belongings in a separate physical space, you can be at ease knowing that your cherished possessions are safe.


Plus, you get to show off those killer pumps you just got from last season’s clearance sale.

Necessity Is The Mother Of DIY Innovation

Pull a Lego move by fusing two ordinary household items into one. Ordinary curtain shower rings latched on to one of your sturdier hangers can be the storage piece you never knew you needed. Perfect for hanging accessories like ties and scarves, you can avoid the jumbled mess that comes with attempting to store these items the normal way without going out of your way to buy specialized products. DIY has never been more convenient or more hassle-free!


And it’s a free way to add a bit more festivity to your bedroom!

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