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Time to Dust off the Bike and Cycle More around London

1st Sep 2012

Alongside the challenge to save 10K this year, I was determined to keep fit and ensure that the girls and I had a healthy balanced lifestyle. Living in London can be hectic, and there are times when it seems easier to jump on the public transport. However, I needed to remain focused, and knew it was time to dust off the bike, and get ready to cycle.

There are numerous reasons why cycling throughout London is beneficial, and although saving money was my goal, it would also keep me fit and active. I am often wary about cycling through the bust streets, and am reluctant to take the girls with me on a bike ride. The safety aspects of the routes in the city are being improved, as outlined on

Excellent improvements to the cycle lanes

With these improvements and better cycle lanes in London, it is encouraging more people to cycle, including me on a regular basis. There are now priority junctions in place, which have been promoted as safe enough for children to use. I am not sure if I would allow the girls to cycle on their own, but it is encouraging to think that they can join me for a journey.

In my opinion one of the best ways to explore London is on a bike as you can stop and enjoy the different attractions along the way. The cycle routes are often flat, and even the most novices of riders can enjoy what is on offer. Once I got back into cycling, and noticed how much it was saving me, this encouraged me to cycle even more.

Why use your bike in London

You can use your bike to commute to work, or for leisure activities, which are the main reason why I use mine. I love exploring London, and will often cycle around whilst the girls are at school, and discover places that I didn’t even realise were there. London is amazing, and even after the years I have lived in the city, there is always something new and exciting on offer.

Using the bikes for leisure activities

At the weekend, I decided that the girls and I would take the bikes to the Royal Parks, ensuring that they were safe, but still outside enjoying the fresh air. This perfect green route through London, is ideal for families, and provides over 2,000 hectares to explore. We all agreed that this was a perfect day out, which cost very little money, and provided hours of fun.

My mission to keep fit was going well, and if I continue to cycle rather than use the public transport, it will save me more money. There are many benefits to cycling throughout London, and the major is attempting to make it easier for everyone wanting to get out their bikes. The changes which have been made over the last few years are excellent, and hopefully the routes and safety issues will continue to improve.

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