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Planning a Themed Birthday Party for Your Kid

8th Oct 2013

That time of the year every child looks forward to: the birthday. As parents, we try our best to organize the most amazing birthday bashes for our children every year, even though this task drains the last ounce of energy from our bodies. We often get confused in selecting the right birthday theme, the appropriate party games and the precise menu for the event. Instead of perceiving the idea as stressful, use these tips to plan the most amazing birthday party for your child.

Draw Up a Timeline in Your Organizer

Perhaps 6 weeks is a good amount of time to plan a creative, fun and well-organized birthday bash. Draw up your weekly activities according to the size of your event. For instance, 6 weeks prior to your child’s big day, finalize a theme and finalize the guest list for the event. In the weeks that follow, shop for matching party decorations, work on the party activities and finalize a food menu. You will have to execute all your birthday ideas in the last three days, so make sure that you are well-prepared, well-resourced and totally geared up.

The Attendance List

Confer with your child’s best friend to determine the guest list! In most cases, the guest should include all the kids from your kid’s class, but it is always best to have the best friend on your planning team. The minimum amount of guests should always amount to your child’s age plus one.

Sending the Invitations

Electronically designed invitations are easier to send out, so make sure to include details in the “invitation menu” such as time and location, dress code and types of food and drinks served. If you really like being creative, send out the old-fashioned hand crafted birthday invitations, and save one for the memories archive.

The Venue

No pressure, but pools are must-haves for summer birthday bashes. If you are lucky enough to have a pool at home, make the best use of it. If you can afford to rent a community pool for two hours, that would also do. Large gardens or local town parks are also good venues for themed birthday parties, but if you wish to keep it private, have it at your own house. Limit the event area by balloons and streamers and lock your rooms inside so children won’ run around inside your home.

The Décor

Streamers, balloons, coloured sheets, snow sprays – doing the décor can be a fun activity for us grown-ups as well. The more indulged you are, the more creative you get. Try to use everyday stationery items for handmade decorations. Pack the party favours in creatively done fabric goody bags and tie them with a ribbon. If you do manage the pool party, decorate your patio with theme coloured balloons and streamers. Use cool garden appliances for decor or for actually preparing some grilled goodies. Remember to keep the kids out of the cooking area to prevent unwanted injuries and cries.

Cake Time and Food Preparations

Kids are huge cake enthusiasts, so make sure the cake turns out to be perfect. It’s your child’s birthday so bake the cake yourself. Make sure to have a fully equipped kitchen with a clean design and healthy, eco latest-generation kitchen appliances. Store the food in eco refrigerators to ensure a maximum healthy environment for the kids. Once the cake is cut, and the birthday song has been sung, open the presents by gathering all the children together.

As far as the food is concerned, have fun cooking it! For instance, cut the sandwiches in different shapes or decorate the pizza with olives that make it look like a smiley face. Buy disposable cutlery and plates, but choose colours that go with your theme! And try to cook healthy: for example, make the pizza out of fresh ingredients and use only cheese and vegetables, not processed meat. Create vegan-sandwiches and vegan plateaux servings. If you’re struggling for the time you might want to think about getting a sub catering company to create the sandwiches for you. This leaves you more time to make sure everything else is in order as you will only have to pick them up!

Word of advice: If you want to add some meat to the menu, try using Miele combi steam ovens in contrast to the old ovens that can over-burn the food. They are one of the best home appliances in the world.

Fun and Games

Indulge the crew in some classics like Musical Chairs or Pin the Pony’s Tail, but try to add a surprise event, as well. For instance, you could plan a treasure hunt extravaganza and declare a fun prize for the winning team. That would really put life in your child’s birthday party!

All in all, remember to have fun at your kid’s birthday: he’d want his mamma and papa to smile and laugh as hard as the guests.

Author Bio:

Anthony is a Miele dealer in the United States as well as a party planning fan. He’s the owner of TheKitchenWorks Inc., where he designs kitchens and other rooms. You can keep in touch with him on Google+.

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